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Our Founder


"Every interaction is an opportunity"

"Guide children, train adults"


Amber Whaley, BA, QMHP, 200 RYT 


B.A. in Psychology and Human Services, Certified Life Coach, Certified Anger Management Educator, 200 RYT, Cert Child & Family Yoga Instructor, Certified Trauma informed Yoga instructor.

Creator of CalmKids, an integrative yoga program for youth. 

With 15 years of experience helping families in the mental health and human services field, Amber coaches and trains parents and adults to remove barriers that make engaging and communicating with children difficult in order to create more meaningful, productive, and intentional interactions.


Socially awkward, super introverted, guarded, sneaky, mean, with-holding, anxious, poor: all descriptors that I went through school identifying with and hearing from most people, including adults. 

Smart, creative, observant, witty, talented, clever, analytical, independent, determined: descriptors of the same person (me), but only heard from select adults (fortunately the ones that mattered more) and true friends.

I went through school feeling different, awkward, anxious, searching to find missing pieces of the weird and wonderful kid I didn't know I was. If not for key women placed throughout the course of my life, to lift up and separate the above lists of descriptors, I might very well be one of the statistics that were blossoming around me everyday. I know the importance adults play in the lives of children. I experienced what can happen when adults demean rather that up lift. I also know what can happen when they build, listen, encourage, mold, and GUIDE. I believes my whole life, both environmental and internal struggles, was meant to lead me to the place where I can help other children and adults make a shift in the way they interact with each other so that the future we build together is built on a solid foundation.  



Working fears, traumas, and limiting mindset beliefs keeps us from embracing the innocence of humanity, something that most children possess. Utilizing fresh, fun, and practical application strategies, I guide parents and adults who guide children toward finding greater personal clarity, more cohesive homes, classrooms, environments, and communities. 

At Calm Kids, we utilize Yoga, Mindfulness, and Anger management to achieve these outcomes.

"We don't fix children, We train adults"


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