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Parent Group Sessions 2021

We will begin accepting Applications for our 2021 Parent Group Sessions in December of this year.

These are weekly group coaching sessions for parents who want to increase engagement and communication with their children and learn how to pull the maximum potential from within their child without loosing your minds and muting their voice! This 4 week intensive helps you dig deep to find the best way YOU communicate with your children and opens up fresh and new communication lines between parent and child in fun ways! Click below to apply. 

The Moments we feel most annoyed with ou

Let's Get Calm

Come join us on a journey of discovery. Whether your child needs to reset, recenter, or drift off to sleep-click the link below to listen to our guided mediations and lessons for children and adolescents. 


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Feeling like it's all just a bit too much?

Feeling like a stressed momma?

Tired of feeling off balance and unable to connect, communicate, and PLAY with your children?? 

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