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Be Your Own Anchor⚓

Moment of honesty. I have "struggled" with introversion my whole life. At times, I have felt socially awkward and enept at engaging in small talk.. well, most times... unless coffee is involved.  I usually needed someone to be a buffer for me in large social situations and in one on one situations I usually felt more comfortable with a third person to serve as a buffer as well... probably to hide, what I think, is extreme awkwardness. 

I am sharing this because somewhere along the way I realized that in order to be the Captain of my own ship I couldn't depend on the ship next to me to be my anchor. If I wanted to sail and stop at my own pace I had to make sure that I was in control of the anchor on my own boat. I couldn't let someone else direct conversations that were meant for me to have alone. I couldn't depend on others to bring me out of my shell and, most importantly, I would never be able to reach the people I was meant to reach depending on someone else to take me there. I had to intentionally put myself in uncomfortable situations that caused me to be in control of my own anchor. 

I fully acknowledge that everyone needs someone and we can't go about the business of life isolated and cut off from the world. However, you can't depend on others if you can't depend on yourself. 

I heard a quote once that really stuck and I've tried to live by it ever since. So I give it to you today, "Nothing you need is inside your comfort zone" so step out and...

Be your own anchor!

I will soon be launching a short series of audio blogs entitled "Be your own anchor". So spread the word and stay tuned for more!

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