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Kid Convos: Happy

What’s important here is that we teach our children that being “happy” is not always what’s important. The word happiness is controversial and triggers some people. Some feel like they need to obtain something, someone, some feeling, some status, some some of something, right? They are chasing something 🏃🏾‍♀️...What if we teach our children that the feeling of attachment to happiness is not to goal, but rather the state of contentment? Knowing that sometime you will be happy, sometimes you will be sad; sometimes you will want something you can’t have, sometimes you will get what you want. Knowing that whatever happens whatever feelings or experiences you have... you. WILL. Be. Okay.  

What a lesson for our children. Our future. Imagine a world where our children chase less and listen more; sit in joy and contentment rather than chase feelings that are fleeting. Sit in this lesson with me today while you engage with your children. Try to embrace what is and the beauty in what you have so that your children can see that happiness is only one facet of life and all the rest, no matter how messy it feels, has beauty attached as well.  

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